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New People October 12, 2006

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Karen SERATTI, Ph.D., Founder, Seratti Group, San Francisco, CA

Joseph J. DERINGER, AIA, Principal, The Deringer Group Inc., Berkeley, CA

Carrie L. HOLLENBERG, Senior Consultant, SRI Business Intelligence, Menlo Park, CA

Michael ZIELENZIGER, Author, Institute of International Studies, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Michael MCCULLOUGH, Software Consulting, Cambria Corporation, Palo Alto, CA

Chrisine CAMPBELL, Founder, Crimson Mim Aluring Shoes, Los Altos, CA

Allan HAYES, President, Emerson*Hayes, Palo Alto, CA

Steve GOLDBAND, Ph.D., Director, Stanford Center on Longevity, Stanford, CA

Laura L. CARSTENSEN. Ph.D., Director and Professor of Psychology, Stanford Center on Longevity, Stanford, CA

Mitch LEVY, CEO and Author, HappyAbout.info, Cupertino, CA

Richard ADLER, Research Affiliate, Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, CA

Michele TANENBAUM, Founder, Michele Tanenbaum Design, San Francisco, CA

Dale NISHIDA, retired rocket scientist, Red Bluff, CA