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About Human-Landscaping.com and NextNow

I was driving in Berkeley a few years ago. I drove by a nearly finished new building. I noticed a truck out front and thought it said “human landscaping.” Looking more closely I realized it was “Hunan Landscaping” but my mind was so taken with the concept of human landscaping…the talent of putting the right people in the right places relative to information and other people. So I raced home to get the domain name human-landscaping.com.

I have used intuition in creating what is the most magical aspect of Human-Landscaping…a group of like spirits…global thinkers…diverse in every sense of the word people which we call NextNow.

The name NextNow has a story too. Jim Herriot and Eileen Clegg were and are associates of the Institute for the Futureand I were talking about the institute which was going through some tough time. We thought perhaps we should create an organization called The Insitute for the Future the Way it Ought To Be. I laughed and said the name was a little long.

Soon after I was speaking with Claudia Welss (world‚s greatest evangelist of and for intuition – she won‚t admit it but we that know her KNOW she is). She was talking about how she felt too much focus on the future results in our abandoning the present, and screws up both.   She suggested the name NEXTNOW for our group because it creates a cognitive bridge between the present and the future and helps focus our energies in a space where we can directly participate in a consciously created future. I liked the name because I think that while we may not have time to think about the future, we do have time to think about the next moment, the NEXTNOW. I mentioned this to Jim and Eileen and they loved the name too “and so it is” a magical group of people around the globe.




1. Rick Rios - July 26, 2007

Hello Bill et al.
I believe the validaty of the statements for why NextNow came into existence has become more tangible in today’s state of affairs. With our growing concern for the environment and world affairs it is imperative we (current generation) not only look at what the future could bring but what we can do “now” to provide future generations with a more sustainable way of living and hopefully a brighter world.

2. Ian Porterfield, D.C. - October 9, 2007

The concepts brought forth by Next Now are exactly what the people of this planet are dying to know. Bill Daul a long lost aquaintance of mine and I were recently reunited on a whitewater rafting excursion where Bill shared a little of the vision of Next Now. As a health care provider of natural health I work with the vast and incredible nervous system to enhance the overall function and health of the human being yet most people I come into contact with have little or no understanding of the true wonders andpotentials we have. I have found that most in our society have a desire to understand more about themselves, thier existence and the role they play yet they do not know where to search out these concepts or where the answers lie. I am on my own mission to radically change the health of the human race as we know it to be. We are currently racing toward our own extinction following a long expired concept of sickness and health and the new conccept of wellness. With all of theinnovative ideas come up with in the past 40 years our state of health continues to spiral toward our demise of lifestyle disease, many of which are 100% preventable however not curable once they are acheived. I am excited to bring forth a wellness consciousness into focus for human kind. One voice with a loud message.

3. Lawn mowers and Gardening Tips - December 14, 2014

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